Permanent Laser Hair Removal NDYAG


BluePearl Therapy uses the latest technology in laser hair removal, it’s safe, fast and pain free.


You are guaranteed to permanently reduce the hair growth with just 4-8 treatments.

If you’re tiered of waxing, threading and hair removal products this is just the treatment for you.


Begin your journey on smooth skin for life today!!

*No more panicking when going on a beach holiday, all you’ll need is sun-screen and your skin is ready.


Highfrequency Acne Solution


You can definitely depend on high frequency to keep your complextion free from Acne and fully nourished.


Highfrequency gently cleanses the skin from acne-causing bacteria and toxins.

Sometimes the skin can become immune to certain acne products if used over an extended period of time and we find it that the problem becomes worst because the skin is no longer responding to the products.

In a case like this, the product is no longer taking affect and its simply sitting on the surface of the skin "doing nothing" well highfrequency will change all that, when combined with an effective acne treatment lotion, regular application of highfrequency eliminates the acne after other expensive medications and treatments can fail!

HighFrequency is guranteed to ZAP that spot back where the sun doesn't shine!!


Diamond Dermabrasion


Diamonds Dermabrasion is one of the most popular cosmetic skin treatment. It is pain free and non-invasive for most skin type.

It works to remove the superficial layer of the skin where all imperfections are visible. The machine combines both the action of exfoliation and vacuuming from the tips covered in tiny diamonds.



Results are noticed immediately after treatment but for a more effective long lasting result 5-8 treatment is required every 4 weeks.

Effectively reduces or eliminates, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks.

It’s fast, reliable and guaranteed to end your cycle of dull lifeless skin complexion!




Galvanic Descrustation/ Iontophoresis


Are you aware that every product you use on your skin literally just sits on the surface of your skin because our skin blocks the absorption of nutrients. So all the money on products is going to waste.

"well not anymore"Galvanic Electrical facial is a treatment that makes your cleanser and moisturisers go that extra mile and really penetrate deep into the skin leaving you looking younger and more radiant by the day.



Smoothing of wrinkles

Tightening of facial muscles for a more firm skin

Anti-Ageing properties

Increase in blood circulation for nourishment

Your skin in return appears radient and full of glow


Clarisonic Aviva Facial


Mechanical rotary brush to remove dead skin cells, cleanse the skin form dirt, oil and grime that clings to its surface and simply cannot be removed from basic cleansing routins from home.


Whiter skin, In-depth eliminates wrinkles, strengthens skin elasticity, improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthen the skin cell reproductive property, Accelerates the absorption of nutrition, Deep exfoliation of skin.

"Give your skin that baby soft touch that doesnt go away!"




Body Detoxification


Permanent tattoo removal NDYag









Faradic Body Tone


Heat Lamp Therapy




Permanent Hair Removal








extra large






back & chest


Diamond Dermabrasion


Micro Brush Facial


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20% off all treatment pack (minimum 6-8)









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